Radacad has been running for about a year in the South East Scotland Radiology Training Scheme. The idea: to help trainees learn paediatric radiology.

The problem is that you can easily get through a paediatric block without seeing key diagnoses. You can use awesome resources like Radiopaedia.org (of course I'd say that, as the Deputy Editor-in-Chief) but it's not the same as sitting on your own workstation working through the case.

But, I hear you cry, why not use the teaching files built into PACS? Well, they're rubbish. And, when you add a case, you still see priors and subsequent imaging.

I wanted the trainees using the system to get an anonymised cases they could look at in a simulated learning environment (on their normal workstation with normal display protocosl and keyboard shortcuts). I wanted them to be able to reivew the case and then submit a report where they had to commit to making a diagnosis and then allow a training to happen between the trainee and the trainer. Radacad was born.

Over the last year, we've learnt a fair bit about what works and have tweaked the system a bit. This is our second major iteration - moving away from a CMS and into a completely ground-up written codebase.

For those who might be interested, this is a Laravel application using Vue and Tailwind hosted on Laravel Forge on an AWS server. We're using a PHP and MySql stack.